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Acrometis Consulting | Branding

After years working in the consulting industry, Iain decided to go it alone as an independent advisor under his own brand, Acrometis.

Iain briefed us that Acrometis is a portmanteau of ‘Acro’, meaning the tip of the highest part, and ‘Metis’ who was the Greek goddess of wisdom, skill and craft.

Being an experienced constulant at the top of his game, this made total sense.

We started off looking at shapes using the tip of the letter A, and ended up with a nifty triangle framework that can be adapted to represent different areas as his business grows.

For the logotype we used a combination of regular and italic weights of Garamond. The is flows nicely into taglines, and is also a subtle nod to Iain’s initials.

We sorted Iain out with a basic letterhead, HTML email signature and Luxe business cards with a black seam from Moo.

Iain wanted something subtle and unfussy and we’re confident that’s what we delivered.