Thinking of starting a business and want a brand that sets you apart from the competition? Perhaps you have been trading for a while and are tired of looking like an amateur while everyone else nabs all your customers.

We can help!

Just drop us a line or give us a bell on 07510 434804 and we’ll start thinking about how to make your brand shine.

Our branding design process is usually a bit like this:

  • You send us an email saying you want a posh new logo and stationery
  • We call you back to discuss what you need and then send you a brief questionnaire with questions about your company, your competitors and what you love and hate
  • Based on your responses, we send you an estimate and contract
  • You squeal with delight at how surprisingly affordable we are and pay us a 50% deposit so we can schedule the work
  • We then start work on your logo, producing a few initial concepts for you to see
  • You pick your favourite and then let us know if there are any bits you want tweaked to make it just right
  • We die a little inside when you ask us to combine two totally different ideas into one sloppy mess (please don’t ask us to do this)
  • We persuade you to let us handle the bulk of the design so you end up with something fantastic
  • You trust us and sign off on the final design
  • We feel happy and special
  • We go away and work up the approved design into final artwork
  • We apply your lovely new identity to business cards, headed paper and the like
  • We advise you on excellent printers who will give you the best stationery for your budget
  • You pay the balance and we send the artwork to the printer
  • The printer sends you your beautiful new stationery and we all do a happy dance, then add photos of the work to our portfolio because we are so proud of it

Our estimates are based on similar projects we have undertaken in the past. We are usually pretty close and have never charged anyone more than the estimate. It’s really there to protect us in the event that you want us to try every possible font and colour combination because you don’t trust our judgement (if that’s the case you probably shouldn’t ask us to design your identity).

If you just want a logo and some business cards, we would expect to spend a minimum of three full days doing the design bit, so it will cost you around £1440 (you will still have to pay the printer!). Large corporations requiring fancy branding guides etc. can expect to pay considerably more. They can afford it.

Or you could get your nephew to knock something up in Word using clip art…