We design websites and printed materials for businesses in and around Bath and Horsham. Not exclusively though – it’s just where we are physically based.

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How many design studio websites did you check out before you found this? They all looked pretty similar, right? We want to stand out from the crowd and you should too, hence this rather sparse site. It’s the work you want to see after all, not some photos of a swanky studio that may or may not actually be ours.

We design websites and printed stuff like books and stationery.

You can see some examples of our work here.

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PS – you can always ring us, if you really must, on 07510 434804, although we would prefer an email (studio@decentdesign.co.uk) because we can answer that at a convenient time. Don’t get us wrong – we love to chat but we might be really, really busy!

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